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Which Hat is That?
by Anna Grossnickle Hines
Illustrated by LeUyen Pham
After having such fun with Whose Shoes? LeUyen, Harcourt editors and I all thought we'd like to do a follow-up book.  Who doesn't like dress-up?  And what's more fun for pretending than a hat? Better yet, lots of hats.  

Published by Harcourt Inc., August 2002


Hines and Pham bring back their merry mouse in a companion tale to Whose Shoes? (2001). Hines remains true to a format that has worked previously; this time her mischievous one dons a variety of hats during the course of dress-up play. However the verses have matured somewhat, moving away from quirky word play to more tangible clues for young readers to decipher. A series of sprightly verses describes the particular chapeau the mouse is modeling while a second set details the mouses actions while wearing it. "When I wear this tall white puffy hat, I measure, stir, pour and flip, flop, flip! Which hat is that?"  Readers then lift the gatefold to discover the answers to the riddles. Hines's choice of hats is toddler-perfect, the young mouse preens as a gardener, chef, and firefighter before presenting her favorite hat of all: an out-of-this-world concoction just right for young explorers. Pham's pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations are a cheerful reflection of the tale. With a twinkle in her eye, the young mouse gleefully scampers through her escapades, welcoming readers to join in the fun. Pham also includes plenty of visual clues to help little ones solve the puzzles. A high-spirited guessing game perfect for read-alouds and circle time.  Kirkus, September 2002

There's some flip-the-flap fun for little ones that is also a simple guessing game. the cute little mouse who narrates this story wears all sorts of hats. When she wears a flippy-floppy hat, she plants and weeds. What kind of hat is that? And what about her tall white puffy hat? The clues are found in both the text and the pictures; she holds flour, sugar and milk in her hands. Set against white backgrounds, the scenes of the adorable mouse cavorting in the kitchen or getting ready for a tea party have immediate appeal. The answer to what sort of hat she is wearing always appears when a flap on the right hand page of the spread is lifted. Try this for toddler story hours, where children will be vying to answer the question, "Which hat is that?" Booklist, November 2002

This amusing flip-the-flap book describes different types of hats and the occasions on which they might be worn. Hines then asks readers to guess which hat is being described. For example, "When I wear a flippy-floppy hat,/I dig, plant a seed,/and weed, weed, weed./Which hat is that?" Opening the flap reveals a mouse wearing a gardening hat. Four other hats are included. The playful watercolor and pen-and-ink illustrations show mice wearing the various types of headgear and engaging in related activities. Perfect for toddler storytimes. School Library Journal, December 2002

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