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Quilting Links: A few sites for those seeking to learn more about quilting, particularly beginners. Most of these sites will lead to many more. Happy surfing... I mean... happy quilting!

World Wide Quilting Page : Extensive information.

The Quilt Channel : Guide to quilting links.

Quilt University : Offers on-line classes.

Quilt Woman.Com : A wealth of links to a wide variety of sites, including lots of quilt designers.
QuiltNet : Links to shows, guilds, museums and more.
Beginner's Resource Page : From Planet Patchwork.

Quilt School : Basic information from a group called Quilt Friends

Quilter's Cache : Good resource for lessons, patterns, and tips.

Practice Paper Piecing : An easy to follow lesson from Quilter's Cache

American Quilters Society

National Quilting Association

QuiltArt : Gallery and links to websites of innovative Art Quilters

Skydyes : Mickey Lawler painted the sky fabric for Whistling, then did a couple more pieces for Winter Lights.

Christine Thresh's Paper Piecing Primer: Simple pattern and instructions to print and sew.